Solving one of the biggest Airline's pain points

by luis miranda

Losing your luggage is maybe the worst experience you can have with an airline company. Airlines invest on communications to reduce the negative impact of that experience in the brand and the business. Finally, Air France and KLM has behaved as companies of a digital world and worked together to develop what is an intuitive and effective solution to the Lost Luggage experience by jumping in the trackable products trend. The result  a digital platform (connected product + service)  that will allow you to track your luggage  is nothing new (you already can track your packages and mail ) but it will be make a difference in travelers' lives. At the end tangible value is the best demonstration of a position and a compromise. I'm looking forward to see this implemented in any airline soon.

Decibel, a champagne fermented with electronic music #brave #smart

by luis miranda

I love this idea brought to life by Jorge Vallet and Alex Pallete. They are injecting a different vibe to a traditional product from its heart, the production process. It's fermented with the best electronic music from Ibiza, a twist that adds an strong emotional component that makes the value association with the music & dj world clearer, believable and loveable. The influence of music in organic life has been already demonstrated and why don't apply it to a fermentation process where live microorganism are responsible for. Believe it or not it adds a magic aura to the product that will help to build a strong brand. A brand that also is built under the heritage of IBIZA, a tribute to the artist and creativity of the white island. Obviously these emotional layers are not enough and other elements like final quality and the flavor are key for success but they have an exceptional brand territory baseline where to play and grow. As a former profesional dj this idea touches me deeper but anyone can recognize that it's #Brave and #Smart.

What augmented reality will make on our faces

by luis miranda

Very cool mapping projection experiment, not the first one which track your face but definitely a good one. Thinking further these are first steps in tracking your face and hack what you see, something we will see soon with the combination of contact lenses and augmented reality. There will be one day you will be able to choose the face of your partner (a joke but the funny thing is that it will be true)

Minimum viable day in planning!!

by luis miranda

This text made me laugh and it reminded me about the recurrent debate of being specialist vs generalist. In a fast changing world, with the need of minimum viable planning and so many hats to wear where's the time to be expert at everything? 

specialized in nothing at all.png

Breaking the convention about #Insights

by luis miranda

Great short talk from Andy Davison (Flamingo UK) about Insights, He defined Insight as “a disturbance in the discourse”. Totally agree on these key points against the Insight's stereotype:

- Truth is less important than you think

- Insights don't only come via consumers

- Insight don't need to be deep