Luis is a bilingual forward-thinking motherF**er who studies people (not just consumers) while dj-ing and producing music in his free time. 

A hybrid strategist that had the pleasure of developing effective brand strategies that led to award-winning creative campaigns across a diverse media ecosystem. He’s dedicated to helping brands invent the future and
impact culture, especially by solving business problems in new meaningful ways to influence behavior and to deliver a positive impact on society.

For 15 yrs Luis has been connected to culture, following the behavioral changes at all levels for people and brands, so in this ever-changing world, you might want to call him an "adaptive strategist". He's also an active dj & music producer based in LA

His passion for learning from diverse cultures led him to work in 3 continents, Europe (Madrid), Asia (Singapore) and currently in North America (Los Angeles).

Luis has worked with many diverse businesses/brands to help them identify and develop the most effective means of achieving their objectives. Simple as that. 
He has experience in traditional, digital and multicultural agencies. He has judged North America Effies.
Always defending "digital" as a mindset, focusing on not only doing digital planning but planning in a digital world.

In the past Luis spent years working for many blue chip brands with different targets in a wide range of categories:
Automotive, Telecom , Entertainment, Banking, Hospitality, Fashion, Drinks & Spirits, Food Chains, FMCG and Retail

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