Minimum viable day in planning!!

by luis miranda

This text made me laugh and it reminded me about the recurrent debate of being specialist vs generalist. In a fast changing world, with the need of minimum viable planning and so many hats to wear where's the time to be expert at everything? 

specialized in nothing at all.png

Breaking the convention about #Insights

by luis miranda

Great short talk from Andy Davison (Flamingo UK) about Insights, He defined Insight as “a disturbance in the discourse”. Totally agree on these key points against the Insight's stereotype:

- Truth is less important than you think

- Insights don't only come via consumers

- Insight don't need to be deep

The EPIC backstage of your feelings..

by luis miranda

Not a new approach but very well executed under the idea of "Life is a Beautiful Sport". Beautifully dramatizing that moment where you bet all in, where the risk and the fear to fail equally feeds the excitement of a possible winning.  An epic view of the energy dynamics behind moments that make you feel most alive.

Faking a tension in #GoldenGlobes2014 context

by luis miranda

This is a funny commercial for the coming Muppets movie. To tap into a big cultural event like the #GoldenGlobes they made a parody of campaigns using tweets of people, faked a social tension: based on (fake) people outraged on twitter because the Muppets Movie wasn't nominated for awards and dramatized it in a #Epic and #Funny way. Well done Kermit & friends.