Decibel, a champagne fermented with electronic music #brave #smart

by luis miranda

I love this idea brought to life by Jorge Vallet and Alex Pallete. They are injecting a different vibe to a traditional product from its heart, the production process. It's fermented with the best electronic music from Ibiza, a twist that adds an strong emotional component that makes the value association with the music & dj world clearer, believable and loveable. The influence of music in organic life has been already demonstrated and why don't apply it to a fermentation process where live microorganism are responsible for. Believe it or not it adds a magic aura to the product that will help to build a strong brand. A brand that also is built under the heritage of IBIZA, a tribute to the artist and creativity of the white island. Obviously these emotional layers are not enough and other elements like final quality and the flavor are key for success but they have an exceptional brand territory baseline where to play and grow. As a former profesional dj this idea touches me deeper but anyone can recognize that it's #Brave and #Smart.