ACID HOUSE MEETS BREAKDANCE - celebrating automatizated happiness

by luis miranda

I don't know if you feel this but to me, the word "right" is more & more important, the right time , the right content based on your interest graph, the right size of interaction ,...

Latest years there's a lot of conversation about the importance of Context, and nowadays more than ever and thanks to technology, there's no doubt that it is bringing a new understanding of the new value exchange cycle between people & brands. Faris recently made a">good point about it 

I'm personally very excited on what's coming when we mix time, location, interests through technology & data. I would like to see the rise of the Economy of Privacy, as more people are aware of the value of their data, obviously we will see more often the word SECURITY measures (Cloud will help) , let's see how the consumer adopt the neccesary new standardad of trust into the cloud & mobile storage.

In the past I've talked about the change from positioning to "social" positioning in the past, in consumer's words, brand propositions should be look for how to make people's lives happier" (a smiley face came to my mind)

Sounds weird but with all the inputs about Automatization & Robots in my head, and my recent readings about connected contexts, mobile geo seems like what's coming is something like help to understand behaviors in order to deliver the right automatizated happiness (based sometimes in efficiency, interests, ...) and I coulndn't avoid to think in a big Smiley face dancing breakdance.

(disclaimer: this is the effect of reading too much under a very hot sun)

It seems like Smiley faces win below :P