"Tech Trends for 2013" #inspiring presentation by @frogdesign

by luis miranda

A presentation with great pieces of thinking, I would like to point out a couple of things:

- Hopefully one of my everyday dreams is going to come true in some years, "having a morning nap during your daily car trip" is something that currently only can fullfill when I do car pool but Google says that by 2017 Democratization of Self-Driving cars will be a fact so #goodnews :) The slide said "We lose control of our cars" but I will add "We take control of our car-time".

- Computers are dissolving, into the cloud, the environment and into our bodies...and will keep getting invisible kind of a reality camouflage to reduce frictions and get integrated into a Humanized context.

- I really liked the thinking about making the most of  Sandy's effect to move forward tech innovation energy & storage, definetely technology & data will help to provide better solutions to fight coming Nature disasters.

- Not new but privacy concerns will increase, Jan Chipchase talks about "the loss of physical Anonymity" due to the next impact of facial recognition everywhere (regarding this have a look to UID, the biometric identification project that India's goverment is implementing) that obviously brings positive and negative effects, but I'm sure that will bring a more relevant Economy of Privacy. Currently people have started to be aware of the value of their data in the social sharing economy but make it visible by using so much facial recognition tech will make more people feel an invasive perception. Probably will be trigger the rise of this new value exchange market. Regarding this was my wish for 2012 

Finally, positive surprise to know that Intel had put Will.I.am as director of creative innovation :) well done Intel.